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With a team of highly experienced System Solutionist, backed with International Support and Development team, STAR ENERGY PETROLEUM could be one of Your Best Asset to be Your Partner in implementing an Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPCC), Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions, Internet of Things (IOT) Solutions, Fibre Optic Solutions and Automated System for your organization

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Reason 1

It has always been our vision to be a leading technological solution provider to the Oil & Gas, Oleo Chemichal and Petrochemical Industries and it is also our commitment to achieve this with the highest quality and in the safest environment.

Reason 2

We want to help your business reconcile your accounts better, keep inventory better, sales forecasts better, and have a process of analysis and automate every aspect of your business better.

Reason 3

“What we get, we give back”. With the ever expanding human population, the requirements for advanced technologies in the modern society could only have a higher demand. With larger scale extraction projects up in line to excavate our mother earth for the ever depleting resources, we are paying the price with our children’s future environment. Being a technological solution provider in the industry, he have made a commitment to seek and provide Green Technological Solution that can grow parallel with the present industrial demands.

Some Of Our EPC Projects

Here are some Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) projects we’ve done.

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We provide complete MRO solutions in the Marine, Energy and Oil & Gas Industries.

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Our Trusted Partners in IoT, ERP & Automation Products

World Class Products & Services Provided

We provide a great range of Smart Business Technology products that could be a great asset to your business.

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