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Conditioning Monitoring of Rotating Equipment

Program Goals

  • Elimination of machine breakdowns.

  • Able to anticipate and accurately plan for maintenance needs.

  • To increase plant production readiness by significantly reducing the chance of a breakdown during operations

  • Reduced expenditures for spare parts and labor. Machines that fail while in service often cost ten times as much to repair than if the repair were anticipated and scheduled.

  • Predictive maintenance.

Conditioning Monitoring of Rotating Equipment
Conditioning Monitoring of Rotating Equipment

Pro-active Maintenance

  • Major part of a pro-active program is root cause failure analysis, which is the determination of the mechanisms and causes of machine faults

  • Some of the root cause is misalignment, unbalance, or bearing defect.

Vibration Measurement

  • Vibration can be considered to be the oscillation or repetitive motion of an object around an equilibrium position.

  • Vibration of an object is always caused by an excitation force. This force may be externally applied to the object, or it may originate inside the object.

  • Rate (frequency) and magnitude of the vibration of a given object is completely determined by the excitation force, direction, and frequency

  • Forces are dependent upon the machine condition, and knowledge of their characteristics and interactions allows one to diagnose a machine problem.

Conditioning Monitoring of Rotating Equipment

Some Common Machine Problems That Generate Mechanical Vibration Misalignment Unbalance

  • Worn belts & pulleys Bearing Defects

  • Hydraulic Forces Aerodynamic Forces

  • Reaction Forces Reciprocating Forces

  • Bent Shafts Rubbing

  • Gear Problems Housing Distortion

  • Certain Electrical Problems Frictional Forces