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Field & Dynamic Balancing

Why is balancing so important?

Service life

Bearings, suspensions, housings and foundations can be subjected to very high stresses caused by vibrations resulting from Hydraulic Forces Aerodynamic Forces


Vibrations can reduce the frictional grip of screwed until components loosen. Electric switches are destroyed by vibration, pipes and cables can fracture at the connections. Unbalance can substantially reduce a machine’s operating safety, man and machine are at risk


Vibrations also have a substantial negative effect on the production result of machine tools. A grinder or high-speed woodworking machine produces untidy work and produces more rejects if the spindle and tools have not been precisely balanced.


Irregular, noisy running is always used as a quality assessment criterion and so vibrations can have a substantial negative effect on a product’s competitiveness: A highly vibrating household appliance and a noisy car are products which will not be successful on the market.

Field & Dynamic Balancing
Field & Dynamic Balancing
Field & Dynamic Balancing

Balancing solutions

Balancing solutions for your rotors

  • Pump, armature, crankshaft or turbocharger.

Field balancing

  • Analysis set-up in conformity with DIN ISO 10816-3 built-in
  • Machine diagnosis with FFT
  • Standard overall vibration measurement
  • Laser-optics reference transducer with up to about 2 m measuring distance
  • Direct print-out on a printer or in a PDF file

Dynamic horizontal balancing

Cylindrical rotors such as armatures, fans, crankshafts or pump rotors and, with an auxiliary shaft, for disc shaped rotors too, such as marine propellers, power generation turbine and impellers, pulleys and flywheels or toothed wheels.